Solar Power Consultants

KAS Consulting provides full solar feasibility assessments, using GPS and electricity bills, which assists in understanding each client’s issues and inefficiencies. From there an accurate project plan can be created which includes the optimal size of the solar plant, projected cash flows and return on investment.

  • Optimal size of the solar plant required in order to gain the highest efficiency
  • Projected long-term Cash flows involved in the project
  • Projected savings from year 1-25
  • Projected return on investment
  • Performing a site consultation
  • Simulation and costing of the custom solar design
  • Analyzing electricity bills
  • Building a financial model based on the bills and the yield of the design
  • Building a strategic energy management plan

Turn-key Solar Power & Energy Solutions

KAS Consulting provides a turn-key, holistic solar power solution. We can advise on other areas such as lighting efficiency and water heating. KAS Consulting also offers financing solutions for Solar projects. The benefits of the solar plant are the following:

  •  Reduce your electricity by 10-70%
  • Become more grid independent
  • Mitigate your exposure to inflated Eskom tariffs
  • Become more green and sustainable

Our Approach

KAS Consulting provides its clients with a complete feasibility study based on a site survey and analysis.

Based on this analysis we are able to spec your project according to your power demand & other requirements.

We design custom solar solutions that meet your every requirement.

We deliver, install and commission your solar project.

Enjoy your new source of energy with peace of mind that you are fully protected with our back-up service.